Sophomore class board puts on prom fundraiser


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The Sophomore class board decided to do a fundraiser in light of the COVID-19 times, having students donate dresses, tuxes, and anything else.

Kaitlin Geisler, Social Media Manager

With prom right around the corner, the rush to get dresses and tuxes becomes more imminent. For some people, that essential prom attire might be too expensive or just seem unrealistic to buy considering the guidelines COVID-19 will produce. But the Sophomore Class Board (SCB)  has come up with a solution for that predicament.

The SCB has started a fundraiser in which they are having students donate any old dresses, tuxes, heels, etc. and giving people the option to buy those items. Any of the proceeds from the attire will go to the SCB.

“All you have to do for the prom dresses is come to student resources and then go to Mrs. Lustig’s room and drop off a dress,” Katerina Vasquez, vice president of SCB, said. “Or if you want to pick the dress up there, too, you do that too.”

These donations will appear on the SCB instagram as well, and that process also goes for any tuxes or other items students might want to donate. They currently don’t have many tuxes but have a good amount of dresses available, according to Brooke Roben, public relations person of SCB, but they will be collecting prom items up until the very last minute.

“It’s just kind of like a loose date, probably going until prom, or, like going days before because people are last minute,” Roben said. “But students either can purchase a dress for $30 or you can rent it for $10 and then just bring it back dry cleaned.”

The whole point of this fundraiser is to give students a cheaper option, but it also serves a bigger purpose.

“We just want to give back. We want to be able to give everyone an opportunity to get a prom dress, just something new. And just have fun,” Regan Doherty, president of SCB, said. “This is also for the people who can’t afford it because of COVID, just to give them another chance and just make sure everybody has a dress when they come to the prom and feel satisfied at prom.”

The members of SCB just overall want students to benefit from their fundraiser, and they also hope this might carry on through to the coming years.

“I hope this can be a tradition that will carry on or the sophomore board carries on,” Vasquez said. “And also, I hope this makes more people want to go to prom or have more fun or prom.”