Two Phase Plan: how Bild prepares to deal with the rest of the year


Photo by Ruby Lueras

With the school year coming to an end, Stephan Bild, interim principal, is coordinating with administration to tackle the rest of the year with a solid plan.

Parul Pari, Magazine Editor-in-Chief

As LZ moves into the rest of the year with eLearning, Stephan Bild, interim principal, plans to tackle the rest of the school year in a two-phase plan.

“Let’s take this in chunks. First, let’s get through what this school year requires, then let’s worry about what comes after,” Bild said students’ and staff’s emotional well-being are of utmost priority and he reminds students that a lot of people are struggling emotionally and “it’s normal to struggle” during this time of crisis.

 “We have to allow people to have a sense of loss right now, and acknowledge it, but know that we’re going to come out on the other side because life goes on. And we’re doing the right things by being safe and protective right now,” Bild said. “We like to be connected with each other and have social opportunities, whether we’re in school or work or athletics. So this is very hard for everybody. Take a deep breath, take it day by day, and know that they can get through it, but it’s hard.”

To prevent families and students from feeling emotionally overwhelmed, Bild has made it a point to avoid “bombarding electronic mail” by placing certain limits on what comes from teachers and Superintendent Kelley Gallt.

“I get emails every day from parents with questions and concerns, and I respond immediately even if I’m not in the building, I respond while at home. Teachers are doing that, counselors, deans. We’re all in on being as connected as we can to the community,” Bild said. “We’re trying to figure out ways for senior celebrations to still go on, even though we may have to push them to the summer. So, you know, we’re doing our best, I think we could do more, you know there’s a lot of teachers and a lot of parents that have great ideas.” 

In addition to emotional support, the District also aims at providing relief for its students by distributing packages of food.

There’s a system for families who need breakfasts and lunch. The district is providing them. [People who need the service] all come here, every school in the district, every parent comes here. We’re giving about 100 or so packages Monday, Wednesday, Friday,” Bild said.

Bild hopes to aid students academically, as well, by offering extra resources that will provide support for students struggling to pass.

 “I’m hoping that students are putting in some extra effort to talk to teachers one- on- one, and get some extra help. We’ve got a bunch of people that are willing to offer to help students academically and finish the school year with at least the grades they had when we left, and maybe higher.,” Bild said.

Despite being quarantined at home, Bild maintains a firm belief in the resiliency of his students and community as we progress through the rest of the year.

“I have a lot of faith in the resiliency of students and staff. My firm belief is from what I’ve learned over the years, whether it’s Lake Zurich or any other school, students are resilient,” Bild said. “You ask a lot of them, and they rise to the occasion, and I believe the same about 99.9999 percent of the staff members to everyone. I mean if there’s proof, we’ve had a lot of stuff thrown at us this semester, and everyone has been okay right now.”