Writer’s Day to celebrate writing beyond the classroom


Photo by Photo used with permission of Amy Pine

The final schedule for Writer's Day, showing all the different writers that will be presenting tomorrow. This event will feature both well-known authors and LZ students.

Gabby Stoch and Hana Adler

Well-known authors will be visiting the school on February 11 for Writer’s Day, a day to celebrating writing. 

“[Writer’s Day] gives the whole school a chance to hear from authors they don’t know or discover something new or just learn more about writing”, Jennifer Schmitz, event supervisor, said. 

When these authors come to Writer’s Day, they can read their work, talk about their life as a writer and their personal writing process, and at the end of the event, host Q&A session.  

In addition to the presenting authors, Amy Pine, school librarian, says the school also gives LZ students an opportunity to share their writing along with the authors.

“[This oppurtunity] gives students a chance to see each other as writers, so it’s a chance for us to share what we may do creatively on our own,” Mrs. Pine said.  

Caitlyn Wenzel, a junior poetry writer, has attended Writer’s Day since she was a freshman and is a strong advocate for this yearly event. 

“I would say the most beneficial thing is that your voice and your writing gets to be heard by other students,” Wenzel said. “My favorite part is the student performers because it always makes me feel really good to see writers sharing their work and learning from this experience and having other authors there.”

For Writer’s Day’s sixth annual year of celebrating writing, come on down to the library any period of the day tomorrow to listen to writers share their experiences.

“Writer’s Day teaches that writing exists beyond the classroom, it teaches that there are so many different ways to express ourselves creatively,” Pine said. “Writing is not just necessarily words but can be very fulfilling and a very important part of your life.”