All in the code

Students to participate in Hour of Code

Zoya Hasan, Staff Writer

Photo used with permission of Julie Bryniczka
Students code interactive activities during the Hour or Code. Heltzel believes coding is beneficial for students.

All around the nation, millions of classes are participating in the Hour of Code this week December 9-13.The Hour of Code takes place during math classes and students have the time to work on a variety of programs including: coding a game, coding a PSA, and even coding a cartoon.

Ann Heltzel, computer Science teacher believes the Hour of Code is a beneficial way to give students some insight into coding.

“Hour code gives students a chance to taste computer programming in a totally non-threatening environment, and an environment designed to succeed, and environment to show them that anybody can code, and that coding can be fun” Heltzel said.

Nithila Kannan, junior, enjoys the hour of code because she believes it gives students an introduction to coding, without taking and computer science class.

“It’s not like you have to go to a computer class to get introduced to coding, [hour of code] is a nice way to provide all students with a quick lesson on coding, that might pique their interest,” Kannan said.

Although not all students will be going into the computer science field, it’s important for students to have some background knowledge in coding because it will be used in almost every job, according to Kannan.

“Coding is like part of almost all careers. I want to be a doctor and even in that there’s going to be some aspect of coding,” Kannan said. “Let it be a surgeon [or any other profession] there are so many new technologies and there’s more coding to them.”

Coding is becoming a norm, like reading and writing according to Heltzel. She believes every student should have some introduction to coding, which will benefit them for their future.
“I want everyone at Lake Zurich to be ahead, and had some exposure to coping, so they know what it is. They may desire to go into [computer science] or not, but at least they’ve had the chance to have the opportunity to taste it.” Heltzel said.