Homecoming decorating changes


Photo by Ria Talukder

Two LZ '19 graduates decorating for a past homecoming. This year, unlike previous years, all decorating for homecoming will take place on one Sunday.

Parul Pari, Magazine Editor-in-Chief

With homecoming fast approaching on October 5th, this year brings a lot of changes in the decorating preparation process for the dance. Unlike in years past, this will be the first year that all of the clubs decorating will be taking part in the homecoming decorations process on the same day.

“We thought that it would really be a great opportunity to get some to create a sense of unity within the school and within the many different clubs at the school. It can be a great activity, especially for people involved in multiple clubs so they can really feel like a part of the many different things that they’re involved in, as well as allowing everyone to see that all the different clubs that are actually a part of our school and talk to new members from different places than they are,” Maeve Griffin, executive vice president of student council, said.

In preparation for Homecoming week, all of the hallways will be decorated by different clubs at the school, however this will also be the first year where clubs will be sharing hallways to decorate. 

Again, I think [we are trying to reinforce] that sense of school unity, especially in the time of homecoming, where we’re really trying to create school spirit and make everyone feel involved,” Griffin said. “The club sharing hallways was kind of a way to exemplify that unity. Make it a team effort, especially when we have a theme that really applies to that, you know, out of this world, it’s better if everyone can make a unified effort.”

However, not every aspect of the traditional LZHS homecoming week are being changed and Griffin is optimistic that the spirit of homecoming will be maintained.

“You know, we still have a lot of our our main events like the girls football game. We still have our lunch games, but there are some minor logistical changes to some of these events,” Griffin said. “I would say there have been some minor changes to some of the events that we’re doing, just by necessity of needing to fundraise and needing to make it more conducive to new school rules. But in general, I think this spirit of homecoming is still the same. Everyone’s excited about the football game over it’s excited about the dance and decorations, everything that homecoming entails.”