One class – dos credits


Photo by Photo by Adam Monnette

The Spain flag hangs in the classroom. The flag symbolizes the culture that students will be learning about in Spanish V Honors Dual Credit.

Adam Monnette, Staff Writer

A new class is being added to the elective list to give students more opportunities to help challenge themselves and will be available to seniors who have taken a language class for their freshman, sophomore, and junior years.

“In Spanish V Dual Credit, we will be teaching the syllabus that Eastern Illinois University, (EIU), is using,” Gabriella Martin, World Language Department Chair, said. “The curriculum will include using advanced speaking, writing, and grammar skills,”

The ACTFL’s Proficiency Guidelines (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) state that students who complete Spanish V Honors Dual Credit are at an Intermediate High Level. This title means that the students are able to perform simple tasks such as simple conversations in a school or work setting.  The ACTFL sets the curriculum for each level of Spanish in order for a school to integrate a student into Spanish.

“I am thinking of going into a nursing career and by me taking Spanish V Honors Dual Credit, I am hoping that this class with help jumpstart my understanding of Spanish when I go to college,” McKenna Walsh, senior said.

Since Spanish V is an advanced class, the student will receive three hours of credit that can be applied to a school that accepts dual credit classes.

“In the nursing field, if I know Spanish, it will allow me to communicate with a wider range of patients,” Walsh said. “[The thing that] I am most looking forward to taking away from Spanish V Honors Dual Credit are the college hours, getting a better understanding of Spanish, being able to communicate with more people, and strengthening relationships with others.”

Spanish V Honors Dual Credit is meant for seniors who are wanting to continue taking Spanish in their college years, according to Martin, if they are passionate about Spanish, or if their careers would benefit from it.

“I like the atmosphere when I am learning Spanish because everyone is trying to learn a new thing. Walsh said. It is amazing to see everyone coming together to accomplish a goal.”