New “We Are LZ” award presented to extraordinary people in the community

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New “We Are LZ” award presented to extraordinary people in the community

Ruby Lueras, Staff Writer

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School awards first annual “We Are LZ” award to one student and one faculty member to recognize excellence in the community.

The award is presented to people whose actions and contributions to Lake Zurich line up with the school’s values, according to Matt Aiello, dean. Anyone in the school, staff or students, were able to be nominated for the award. In order to become a potential candidate for the award, members of the high school were given the opportunity to nominate each other by writing a 200-500 word essay, according to Aiello.

“The great part about this [award] is that it really is just Bears nominating Bears,” Aiello said. “Students can nominate each other, they can nominate teacher and staff as well. Teachers can do the same.”

Grace O’Malley, sophomore recipient of the award, says that being nominated and eventually winning the award was an “unbelievable honor.” She says that the award is important because it doesn’t just call out the most popular kid, it gives recognition to the kid who just tries to be a good person.

“Personally I think that I’m a person who tries to make everyone feel included because there’s no worse feeling than being excluded,” O’Malley said. “In high school, it’s difficult to make friends and create new relationships, so I just try to be outgoing and invite everyone in. I think that that’s one trait I have that may have helped me win this award.”

Since this is the first year the award is being given out, the importance of it is especially highlighted, according to Aiello.

“[The award] is important because it allows the many different characteristics and personalities that make up LZ to be celebrated and recognized,” Aiello said. “So much good happens here, and LZ is made up of so many great people so this just allows LZ to be celebrated.”

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