A show about death: Student Theatre performs new immersive show


Photo by Photo used with permission of @LZHSTheatre

There is still one more showing of Studio Theatre’s new play, Everybody, tomorrow. Students in the class have been preparing for these performances since November.

Kayla Krinninger, Bear Facts Contributor

Come one, come all! The Studio Theatre class has prepared a new show, to be performed November 29-30 in the drama classroom.

During eighth hour every day, Studio Theatre students have been preparing for their upcoming show, Everybody. The premise of the show is about death and how people consult their relationships as it applies to death. The show is a little more than a year old and was nominated for the 2018 Pulitzer Prize.

“To have a Pulitzer Prize-nominated writer provide the basis for the class has really allowed our boundaries to be pushed.” Tom Skobel, Studio Theatre teacher, said.

Everybody has a script that is not student created which is a difference from past performances. The show itself takes the viewer on a journey of finding oneself and immerses the audience in the performance.

According to Jack Frommelt, senior and student director of the show, Everybody is creative and thought-provoking in that “it does a really good job at posing a lot of questions instead of answering questions,” and is unique in that it “talks about a topic people are usually comfortable with and it immerses them so that they can fully understand.”

In order to create such an experience for the audience, nineteen students have put lots of time and effort into preparing for the show. Before the school year ended, students auditioned for the show and then were given the summer to read and understand the script. Students have been practicing lines, running lights, running sounds, recording, and building sets in order to perform the show at the end of November.

‘This year’s group comes in every day ready to work and shows me something new every day and really is here to make the work better.” Skobel said. “The investment from the whole class is also a huge factor of why this class is really a success.

Aside from the effort that students have put into this show, Everybody will also feature an immersive set that will be apart of the audience so that the audience is really immersed within the actors and the set. The new creative risk-taking allows students to be exposed to different approaches of acting.

“It’s in your face theater and you just live up close with all the actors and you can see everything that’s going on.” Sarah Swiatek, senior and publicity manager for the show said.

The show is free, organized and scheduled to be performed November 29-30. The Studio Theatre class has worked to make the show different from other shows done in the past.

“It had the right design elements, was about 90 minutes,” Skobel said. “It was a show that really was risk-taking and very current, which is what I want studio theatre to be about.”