Tinkering your way to the stars: internship available through the Manufacturing and Technology Program


Photo by Photo used with permission of: www.smalley.com

The manufacturing facilities at Smalley Steel Ring make steel rings that could go to Mars. The company is offering an internship for next year's seniors that could result in a job.

Parul Pari, Staff Writer

Juniors interested in a career path manufacturing steel rings that will go to Mars have an opportunity to attend an open house and learn about a possible internship.

The Manufacturing and Technology Internship Program (MAT) is having an open house at Smalley Ring, 555 Oakwood Road, Lake Zurich, on January 27, 2018 from 11 to 1.

“It is a new partnership starting next year for seniors who are going to be the age of 18 by second semester. They are going to get a hands on training for free by a manufacturing company in Schaumburg which would teach them use how to use certain machinery during first semester,” Carl Krause, college and career counselor, said.

Students are given the opportunity to work at Smalley Steel Ring Company, a family-owned international manufacturer of industrial retaining rings and wave springs that are used anywhere from police car lights to rockets that go to Mars.

“I’ve seen the warehouse and the factory and it is a very cool environment, what those machines can do and what they can make is very fun to watch. Anyone that would be into automotives, some kind of repair  would really really appreciate the opportunity to get a paid internship as a senior in high school which could potentially turn into a job,” Krause said. “[People who would enjoy this would be] anyone that likes working with their hands or likes to tinker or anyone who likes to take things apart. Smalley actually builds their own machines to make some of their spring.”

According to Krause, the internship requires students to spend only half of their day at school both first and second semesters, yet students are still required to attend classes and do homework to stay academically eligible to be in this program.

“[Students] would go to school in the morning, then a couple hours of training four days a week. Second semester, Smalley Ring is going to give the kids a paid internship to go to Smalley Ring and work. If that relationship works out, at the end of the year, Smalley Ring wants to give them the option of hiring them,” Krause said.

In Krause’s opinion, the experience to try out a career is a great opportunity, considering the fact that Smalley offers tuition reimbursement if one would like to attend a college.  

“I think it is a great experience because anytime you get an opportunity to do something you want to do as your living because it is really easy to say this is what I don’t want when you are 17 or 18 rather than waiting for four years of college then saying this is not what I want,” Krause said. “You just spent a whole lot of time and money on that.”