Traditions stick: inside the Interact badminton tournament

Parul Pari, Staff Writer

The interact club hosted their annual badminton tournament on December 4 to raise funds for Charity Bash for Elyssa’s Mission, an organization that provides resources to help prevent teen suicide.

There were 47 teams competing, with a total of 96 members playing in the competition in comparison to last year’s competition where there were only 26 teams and 52 players. The club raised $470 from the event.

The victorious duo was the “Bangladesh Beards” with Justin
Shah and Bryan Rasbid, seniors; and “E&E” came in second place, with Elizabeth Chialdikas and Ella Gilbertson, sophomores. Andrea McKendrick, Interact sponsor, was enthusiastic about the win and was quite surprised by the turnout.

“I think it’s a fun way for them to get together have fun and raise awareness for a great cause and they are enjoying themselves,” Mckendrick said. “I’m surprised at how much people are getting into it and I’m surprised with the turnout.”

Natalie Jokerst, sophomore who was also playing the tournament for the first year, found the importance in raising awareness for Elyssa’s mission.

“It’s really important to raise awareness because so many people are affected by depression and self harm,” Jokerst said. “It is important for them to know that there are people here for them.”