Models Make for Better Musicians


John Chen, sophomore, practicing the violin in preparation for the Symphony Orchestra concert on Friday. The Symphony Orchestra will be playing with Palatine High School and Augustana College Symphony tomorrow evening at seven pm at Messiah Lutheran Church.

Parul Pari, Staff Writer

Two alumnus from Augustana College are bringing their school’s orchestra to perform with Lake Zurich and Palatine High School orchestras. The free concert will be held tomorrow at seven pm at Messiah Lutheran Church in Wauconda.

“I’m always looking for opportunities to get out and perform in other spaces and with other people people, especially with symphony [because] it’s really a great opportunity to take them out into the community and get some other people to hear all the great work that they are doing,” Nathan Sackschewesky, director of Symphony Orchestra, said.

Sackschewesky, who completed his undergrad at Augustana College, is excited about partnering with a fellow alumni, as well as the new conductor at Augustana, Dr. Daniel Chetel.

“When I was there, they didn’t do any touring, so this new orchestra conductor came in and said, ‘we are thinking about a tour’ and asked if we could work something out,” Sackschewesky said. “So I was like, ‘yes let’s do it’ and [I approached] the Palatine High School orchestra conductor, who is also an Augustana alumni, [and said], ‘hey, let’s get together and put this on.’”

Andrew Orals, sophomore, is one of the many students who is a participating in the symphony orchestra concert and has had both solo and orchestra music experience.

“It’s really important to play with an orchestra because in solo, you can make all these changes and manipulate it for yourself, but in an orchestra you have to learn how to make compromises with people, which makes it a really important experience for a musician because the experience will help you have more accuracy of rhythm and pitch,” Orals said.

According to Orals, playing with and observe musicians with more experienced than himself helps him build his own knowledge about his instrument.

“I think that a lot of music is playing from a model and the only way you learn how to heighten your musical abilities is from watching another person,” Orals said. “I think that playing with a more professional experience will only benefit us because Mr. S can only say so much and so if we were to be emerged in a new environment, it would give us even more things to learn about.”

According to Sackschewesky, the opportunity to perform with another high school and a college orchestra could help musicians in orchestra improve their own abilities by practicing more to prepare for the concert.

“We are really excited for the opportunity to play with a great high school orchestra, like Palatine and a great college orchestra like Augustana and I think for the students they are really going to grow as musicians with that opportunity,” Sackschewesky said. “And for me, it’s fun to go play with my old college buddies.”