what #lznation can learn from chess club


Start of a new game with new strategies, new competition, new opportunities to win at chess club.

Parul Pari, Staff Writer

Increasing IQs, preventing Alzheimer’s, and  improving concentration and memory are just a few of the many benefits scientifically proven to be a result of playing chess, according to

Matthew Maleikal, junior, and other players passionate about chess have started a chess club and they had their first meeting on September 12. The chess club was started in 2010, but due to lack of membership, the club had to shut down, according to Linda Maves, math teacher.

“They want to see if they can eventually take it to the competition level, but for now it a new club so there aren’t any schools they can compete against, but I think they were looking to compete against other schools. As of right now it is just practice for fun and it is just a come when you can [environment],” Maves said.

First year club member, Ranadheer Tripuraneni, sophomore, is not new to the game and has had plenty of competition experience. Tripuraneni has been competing in chess since the age of 5 and has fallen in love with the calculation aspect of chess over the years.

You have got to use this type of calculation process up to five or six moves in advance, so that you consistently play the best move in the position,” Tripuraneni said. “ I love it because it is extremely challenging, however, it is also really rewarding when you see the strategy that you thought [would work] and win the game a little while later.”

For many passionate players in chess, according to Tripuraneni, the only way to get better at chess is to devote time into practice into the game you love.

“The main way you get better at chess is you put in time, and you analyze and address your flaws, but then supplement them using the knowledge you have acquired from various sources such as books or famous chess player’s games.” said Tripuraneni.

According to Tripuraneni, the club will most likely consist  of new inexperienced players, including the sponsor, who herself has never had chess experience.  The goal is to refine the club and make the new players, including the sponsor who has never played chess before, competition ready.

“This is completely new for me and I am actually really excited! I had no idea there was gonna be such a big turn out, and see all these kids who were very interested in it,” Maves said.