Jazz Band to showcase different talents


Photo by Jemma Kim

Meghan Warner, staff writer

Band students are preparing many different genres of music to perform at the annual Jazz Band Concert today.  

“The jazz bands will all be playing a few songs.  Lab and Ensemble will play five songs, and Combo will play three songs,” Nick Hervatin, junior trumpet player, said.  

Jazz Lab Band, Jazz Ensemble, and Jazz Combo Band will all be performing in the Performing Arts Center (PAC), on February 28th at 7:00pm until 9pm.  

“One thing that sets the Jazz bands apart is its [complexity],” Hervatin, said.  Jazz music is based off of chords and not straight from sheet music. It is very “amazing” to watch the Jazz Bands take the stage and play a variety of songs to entertain the audience.  There are a lot of improvised solos, according to Hervatin.

“We have a lot of different styles of music, it’s not just classical,” Hervatin, said.  According to Hervatin, the style of music being played can be enjoyed by anyone because it is really easy to listen to.  

Some of the different styles to be heard at the concert are Swing tunes, Latin tunes, and many more upbeat tunes.  Some songs made famous by artists such as Gordon Goodwin and Billie Holiday will also be showcased.  Hearing familiar songs from artists makes the concert more entertaining, according to Hervatin.  

“You would want to pay attention for different band members showcasing some of their different musical talents,” Jake Baffa, junior trumpet player, said.

The Jazz Bands are excited for students and families to see what they have in store at the concerts.