A day full of inspired poets

Fiction, poetry, and rap; the students, faculty, and guests presented several different forms of poetry to the school for this years Writer’s day event.

LZ students and guest performers came together Friday in the library, in celebration of writing and inspiration. Professional poets Adam Gottlieb and Corey Dillard were featured presenters as well.

“I was definitely blown away with how amazing they were,” said Sarah Shapero, senior audience member. “They never messed up once and they looked so confident up there. They’re truly, truly professionals.”

Gottlieb is mostly known for his appearance in the documentary Louder Than A Bomb, which features the poetry event of the same name that happens every year in Chicago. According to Amy Pine, librarian and organizer of Writer’s Day happen, Gottlieb was supposed to come alone but decided a few days before the event to bring his friend, Dillard, along as well.

“I loved how Corey [Dillard] had humor in his performance and they way he said his pieces,” Shapero said. “I also love the way he caught the audience and he had their attention the entire time.”

Rachel Brauer

During open and study hall periods, students and faculty performed Before the guests presented, students and faculty preformed, presenting a wide variety of writing styles and genres.

“My favorite thing about Writer’s Day is that even though everyone’s pieces are different in their own way, they all united by our love for writing,” Pine said. “This feeling of unity allowed people like [Shannon] Eichwald, [English teacher,] to present a piece of hers when she had never read something of hers in front of a crowd before. All the writers today were truly phenomenal.”

The tradition of coming together to celebrate writing started last year, but on a much bigger stage. A stage that got downsized to make the event all the more special.

“Last year, we did have Writer’s Day take place in the PAC but it’s not a big enough event, I feel, to warrant such a big stage,” Pine said. “It felt like everyone was closer together and having Writer’s Day in the library made it so the audience could truly be able to connect with the speakers better. Although the quality of performances were the same, I think the experience overall improved with the library setting.”

The library felt a lot more intimate and it was better than the PAC last year because there were no problems with the microphone and you could see the people better, according to Shapero.

“This year’s Writer’s Day was truly amazing and inspiring,” Pine said. “I thoroughly enjoyed today’s performances and I can’t wait to do it again next year.”