Girls invade Mel Eide Field

Danna Tabachnik, digital editor-in-chief

Mel Eide Field was taken over by a bunch of girls Wednesday night.

The senior girls took the field for the annual powderpuff game. Most of the girls played last year and took full advantage of their final game.

“Knowing it’s my last year I’m definitely having more fun with it. I’m participating more than I normally did and trying to make the most of it,” Vada Murray, senior, said. “I definitely had more fun this year. We had a really fun team and weren’t very serious about it. I think the seniors, at least on the white team, just had a good time with it knowing it’s our last year.”

Under the coaching staff of seniors Alex Miller, Derrick Juarez, Jake Stevens, Joey Dreiling, Kyle McGee, Kyle Roth, Lukas Lepage, Ryan Fuell, and Ryan Mittlestadt, the blue team defeated the white team, coached by Billy Busse, Blake Bransky, Brad Forbes, Conner Baldwin, Jared Winandy, Josh Dyer, Kyle Obsuszt, Matt Lawson, Ryan McGeever, Stephen Grinnip, and Zach Kitral, 40-24.