Billy Misik Foundation’s Kaleidescope wraps up musical productions of the year


Melanie Villarmarzo, staff writer

The Billy Misik Foundation held a kaleidoscope in the PAC Thursday night to display the improvement of choir students.

“[The show consisting of varying musical performances] is sort of something mandatory for all students who take voice lessons, but this show is really something I look forward to,” said Delaney Katz, sophomore in Bare Voices. “There is so much freedom as you can, basically, chose your song from so many different musicals, movies, and plays.”

Chris Misik, personal vocal teacher, provided guidance for the students’ performances.

“I know how much work everyone has put into bettering their musical talents and performance skills. I don’t take lessons from Ms. Misik, but as a choir member, I can definitely see how some people have improved,” Lexie Zigic, sophomore and audience member, said.

The event was about two hours long, and Zigic says that  she appreciated all the performances because there was a variety of musical theatre.

“I thought it went amazing. It includes such a unique array of songs that showcases so much talent, and I really feel like we left everyone entertained,” said Katz.

Zigic says the whole performance was heartwarming, especially since it was the last time some of the seniors would be on the PAC stage. She says that the 2016 graduate’s performances made it an emotional experience.

“It was bittersweet. This show is the perfect way to send off all the seniors, and wrap up all the amazing things they have accomplished on the PAC stage over the past four years,” Katz said. “I think it will definitely be very different as we are losing so much great talent, but the talent itself will not change. I’m excited to see the new dynamic and what next year’s seniors will accomplish!”