Challenge accepted: blind date with a book

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Challenge accepted: blind date with a book

Meggie Furlong, staff writer

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There’s no judging a book by its cover when you have a blind date with a book in the library during the month of February.

The valentines-themed paper-wrapped books are only distinguishable by the genre written on the book, said Amy Pine, library media specialist.

“It’s a fun way to celebrate the holiday. I have a lot of frequent readers who come in all the time asking for recommendations, and this is a way to recommend something but still have a little mystery to it,” Pine said.

Grace Williams, senior, gave Pine the idea last year after she heard about the activity at her job at Ela Area Public Library

“I like this activity because it adds a little mystery and excitement [to reading] because you don’t know which book you are going to end up with,” Williams said. “[You are] relying on someone else’s recommendation, the only thing you really know is the genre of the book. I think it is a great activity whether you are in a relationship or not, all you have to do is enjoy reading!”

The activity gives students the opportunity to try a book they wouldn’t have picked up themselves anytime during the month of February, according to Pine.

“It’s a challenge for readers. Would you read something just based on knowing what the genre is and nothing else?” Pine said. “I’ve had a couple checked out [so far]. One was by a teacher, so teachers and students are interested in it too which is fun. [And] if somebody’s in a reading slump and can’t decide what to read, here’s a great way to [read something new]”


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