Take a book, leave a book at Little Free Library

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Take a book, leave a book at Little Free Library

Meggie Furlong, staff writer

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Students can now participate in the take a book, leave a book initiative though Little Free Library, located on the help desk in the school library.

The Little Free Library is a place for students and faculty to take a book from the little wooden schoolhouse and leave a different one for someone else to read. The non-profit social enterprise supports literacy for those who don’t have the means to purchase books themselves, according to Amy Pine, Library Media Specialist.

“We do have the library where students can check out books, but I think that sometimes can be intimidating for new students or students who haven’t done it before, so this is easier. It’s different than checking out a book. It’s almost like this anonymous recommendation,” Pine said.

Pine got the idea from Laura Dooley-Taylor, Middle School North Library Media Specialist, who put one outside the school’s front doors last year.

Like at the middle school, there has already been great response from students and staff, just in few weeks that the Little Free Library has been operating at the high school.

“I think it’s a really good idea and will encourage kids to read even more,” Emma Daleske, sophomore and avid reader, said. “The books in there are newer and targeted towards high schoolers.”


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