Bears Helping Bears

College Alumni Coming Home to Help Juniors and Seniors


Photo by Jemma Kim

2015 LZHS graduates came back to help juniors and seniors with college decisions for "Bears Back Home" on Friday, January 8. Photo credits to Lexi Fye.

Jemma Kim, editor in chief

College alumni will be visiting LZHS on January 8 to talk to juniors and seniors about college and college life. They will meet in the small auditorium during lunch periods to discuss everything from roommates to Greek life and athletics.

I can’t wait to come back to LZ because the high school made a huge impact on who I am today. It gave me communication skills and leadership opportunities that have led me to where I am,” Amanda Buckstaff, 2015 graduate and University of Wisconsin-Madison freshman, said.

Juniors are starting to begin the college process and seniors are selecting schools to attend in the fall. Current students can hear from familiar faces about unanswered questions regarding college, according to Buckstaff.

All first semester I wish I would’ve known the time I should be putting into classes consistently,” Buckstaff said. “I didn’t realize the drastic time difference that you have to put in to get good grades in college compared to good grades in high school. Your life finals week will be a whole lot easier if you’re consistently studying.”