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Students to perform in Charity Bash talent show

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LZHS’s annual Charity Bash talent show will happen on Thursday night at 7:30pm in the PAC to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago.

“I’m excited. [Our act is] not really a serious act, it’s more of a light-hearted, fun act, so I think we’re just going to go out there and have fun,” Gabrielle Munoz, junior, said. “I went [to the talent show] freshman year, and it seemed like something fun just to get up in front of your peers and be yourself and see what kind of talent you have.”

Munoz will perform Anna Kendrick’s “cup song” from the movie Pitch Perfect, which includes acapella singing and using cups as a musical instrument. She will be performing the song with Laura Messerschmitt, junior, who said the performance might include some added tricks.

“It’s just something we put together. Laura called me and asked me if I wanted to do the cup song with her, and one night we just got together and figured it all out with some harmonies and stuff and it took a bunch of takes to record a submission and get it right. We took like 15 videos before we got one to send in. The cups kept flying everywhere, it was a fun time,” Munoz said.

Despite the cups flying everywhere during the submission video, Munoz is not worried about performing in front of the normally sold-out PAC because she has done theater shows on stage before.

“It’s not too bad. I’ve performed before so I’m kind of used to it, plus the lights on stage are really bright so you can’t really see anyone’s faces,” Munoz said. “I just hope [the cups] don’t go flying. I think we’re good, though, I think we got it down.”

One factor that Munoz said does make her worry is that the rehearsal scheduled for Tuesday night was cancelled because of the snow day.

“It makes me really nervous that we cancelled rehearsal because I don’t know if all the acts know what order they’re going in, and I’m not sure if we have everything that we need to be set up for the show, but I’m still really optimistic that it will work out,” Bailey Kuhn, junior chair on student council’s talent show committee, said.      

Tickets for the talent show are on sale during all lunches for five dollars. Also, Battle of the Bands winner, Stargazer, will perform starting at 6:45pm before the talent show begins.

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Students to perform in Charity Bash talent show