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P.E. Leadership hosts faculty basketball game

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LZHS teachers competed in a faculty basketball game yesterday to benefit Charity Bash.

The black and grey teams, composed of various faculty members, played in the fieldhouse for a final score of 49-46 with the black team coming on top.

“It was nice to play and that the P.E. leaders put this on for us,” Kaufman, history teacher and player on the black team, said. “The teachers were going back and forth on who was going to win, and it’s always fun to have a little friendly competition between co-workers and come out on top.”

The P.E. leaders in charge of this group raised a little over $300 for Charity Bash by selling concessions, tickets to the game for $3, and raffle tickets for free throw games in between quarters.     

Juniors Jason Sweetwood, Kiley McPeek, Mandy Papke, Kayla Keena, and Scott Kerchberger were in charge of this event.

“We had to do a final exam service project, and one of the options was to do it during Charity Bash,” Sweetwood said. “A study was done, and over the last five years of Charity Bash, the funds have been going down. I wanted to find a way to get them back up, and the middle schools did this a couple years ago and it was a success, so I thought we should try it.”

Kaufman hopes to be able to participate in this event again and hopes more kids will come out to watch their teachers in the friendly competition.

“[I played] for the cause, of course, for Charity Bash and the Epilepsy Foundation,” Kaufman said. “I’ve also been playing basketball since I was two and coaching for a while, so it was nice to play and have some competition because us coaches don’t get a chance to play all the time.”

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P.E. Leadership hosts faculty basketball game