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Newly updated Charity Bash begins Thursday

carolyn busse, bear facts news writer

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Students and teachers are preparing for the annual LZHS Charity Bash, which will kick off with an assembly Thursday and continue into March.

Charity Bash will last four weeks, which is different than past years, which was only two. During the month there should be at least one major event per week, Christopher Bennett, Student Council sponsor, said.

“More and more people were saying they were a little bit concerned about too many activities, too short an amount of time, [not being able to] get homework done,” Bennett said. “As it’s gotten bigger there is just so many things going on and other clubs that are still looking for more things to do.”

            This year’s Charity Bash will be raising money for The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago, a nonprofit organization that offers counseling, advocacy, and educational services to people with epilepsy, their families, and the communities in which they live.

The new Charity Bash date also means Charity Bash will have additional sources for donations.

“The events that annually bring in the most money for charity would be the auction wall, penny wars, the talent show, and dodge ball night. But this year [Student Council] will be adding fifty percent of the profit Student Council receives from Turnabout toward Charity Bash, so we have high hopes,” Bennett said.

No matter what time Charity Bash is, its main purpose is for students to donate to an important cause, like Epilepsy.

 “A lot of people think that Charity Bash is just about raising the money, but it is also a time for students to get to participate in a bunch of fun activities and raise awareness for a good cause,” Bennett said. “We just earn money for charity in the process.”

Almost all of the clubs at LZHS will be participating in some way for Charity Bash to help raise money for The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago. Charity Bash is an event that helps band the school together and fight a common cause.

 “Charity Bash started ten years ago as a way to organize our school’s clubs and resources to all work together to a common goal of raising money. We figured that working together as a whole school could make us much stronger than working as individual clubs,” Bennett said. “I think that LZHS has definitely banded together and accomplished this goal.”

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Newly updated Charity Bash begins Thursday