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Teachers report iPad pilot success

kevin logan, bear facts news writer

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            Teachers and administration report the iPad pilot program, granting select which began this year with 90 students, is a success.

            All Environmental Science students received an iPad at the beginning of this school year. The teachers who chose to participate in the pilot program reported the iPads as a huge success.

            “Students use the iPads to take notes, do homework assignments, take quizzes, and perform labs in class,” Julie Gyarmaty, Environmental Science teacher, said. “The iPads have become a key role in our curriculum and really help the students learn efficiently. We use the iPads every day in our classroom.”

            The pilot program is the first step in learning how to expand the use of iPads and other technology throughout the District, according to Eric Hamilton, assistant principal of curriculum and instruction. The long term goal of the technology enhancement is for every student in LZHS to be exposed to technology in a one-to-one experience.

            “Education is all about preparing students for the future, and the future is definitely within technology, like cell phones and tablets,” Hamilton said. “We started with allowing personal devices like cell phones in school, and we hope to continue to expand the program with new devices. Every student should be able to access the internet for information, no matter where they are in the building.”

            The use of the iPads has a wide spectrum and could be used in any classroom environment because of the capabilities and functions it provides, according to Gyarmaty.

            The Environmental Science curriculum has a strong emphasis on eco-friendly resources, and with the iPads, students put forth that knowledge to complete assignments.

            “Rather than turning in an assignment on paper, most of the time the class will use a blog or some other ‘app’ to submit the project, lab report, homework, or quiz,” Michelle Morand, senior, said. “It helps to apply what we are learning, like protecting the environment, by doing it first-hand because of the iPad.”

            With feedback from the pilot program, the District hopes to invest in expanding the program, according to Hamilton.

            “The next step is to come up with a plan and pitch a proposal to the School Board,” Hamilton said. “Until then we hope to keep experimenting to find the perfect match for our students regarding technology.”

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Teachers report iPad pilot success