St. Francis church helps send Choir to Italy

julia kuhn, bear facts features writer

The LZHS Choir sang at St. Francis de Sales church to raise money for a Spring Break trip to Italy. The Choir sang at five services at the church: one on the evening of Saturday, December 15; three the morning of Sunday, December 16; and one Sunday night.

            “[St. Francis] invited us to sing there because we are singing at the Vatican when we go to Italy in the Spring,” Lane said. “We sang at five services for them, and there was an extra offering for us to help support our trip.”

            According to Lane, there were between 80 and 100 choir members at each mass. The Choir sang a selection of songs from their recent holiday concert, as well as a few songs normally sung at the church’s services. Lane said the fundraiser is important for members of the Choir because fundraising helps with the high cost of the trip.

            “Every dollar counts because this trip costs a lot of money,” Lane said. “We have to make the most out of the fundraising opportunities we are given.”

            To raise money for the March trip, the choir has executed a wide range of fundraisers throughout the past year, from selling cookie dough to mattresses.

            “The fundraisers I have participated in are selling cookie dough and cinnamon rolls, mattress sales, holding signs and advertising the mattress sale, coupon cards, entertainment books, and now singing at St. Francis,” Lane said.

            Lane said all the fundraising efforts are worth it becuase the final reward is being able to travel toItalywith her friends and classmates.

            “I’m excited for the trip. I’m looking forward to a once in a lifetime experience and spending time with people I enjoy,” Lane said. “Even though I’m not Catholic, I know it’s a big deal to be invited to sing at theVatican.”