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Current principal retiring, looking for new principal

Danielle Collins, bear facts contributor

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Administrators began the nation-wide search for a new principal on November 5 due to the retirement of the current principal at the end of the year.

            Principal Kim Kolze is retiring after this school year, therefore, the school’s administration has begun to look for a new principal. Julia Becich, Director of Human Resources, is in charge of the search.

            “To start, we invite parents, staff members, and student council to a meeting where we ask questions to build a profile for the new principal,” Becich said. “Then we advertise nationally. On December 31 we will stop accepting applications.”

            According to Becich, the process continues with sorting through the applicants and narrowing them down to a group of candidates. Then a few are selected to be interviewed by a group of staff members.  Mike Egan, superintendent, has the final decision on the new principal.

            “Our goal is to have a new principal chosen by mid-February, but it’s a soft deadline,” Becich said.

            The new principal will start working on July 1, 2013. Becich says the principal must have teaching and administrative experience at the high school level. Although the candidates can come from anywhere in the nation, they must meet Illinois’ certification requirements.

            “The high school principal is a visible, high demand position. Our goal is to find the best person for the job. We take it very seriously,” Becich said.

            Although Becich is in charge of the search, student council and staff members were able to contribute their thoughts on the new principal at a meeting that took place on November 14.

            “We discussed what characteristics we were looking for, what we would like to see in the new principal during their first 100 days, and what we want the new principal to know about the students, faculty, and community,” Leah Enright, Spanish teacher who attended the meeting, said.

            Enright said she hopes the new principal comes in with an open mind.

Veronica Brozyna, senior and student council president who also attended the meeting, agrees. Brozyna also hopes that the new principal will relate to students.

            “Ms. Kolze is so personal and loves talking to students,” Brozyna said, “It’s nice to have someone that makes you feel like you’re not just another student.”

            Some characteristics Brozyna would like the new principal to have are friendliness, accessibility, and desire to get involved. Enright wants the new principal to be honest, visible, informed, and passionate.

            “I’m passionate about where I work,” Enright said. “I hope the new principal will be too.”

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Current principal retiring, looking for new principal