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Dean Meghan Kolze leaves LZHS

Maggie Monson, Viewpoint Writer

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Meghan Kolze, former dean and head coach of the girls’ soccer team, took a new job at Glenbrook South High School this fall.

“It was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make in a long time,” Kolze said. “I absolutely love the Lake Zurich community and students. I had great experiences there. I don’t know if anything will compare.”

The move was necessary, in part, due to her marriage in July, according to Kolze.

“I talked about it with Nate, my husband, and the decision was in the best interest of my family. The timing was the best it could have been,” Kolze said.

Kolze has strong ties to the LZ community. She worked here for four years and is also an LZHS alumni. She said she “adored all the people I worked with and…I loved working with my mom,” principal Kim Kolze.

Kolze hopes the deans office will continue to have the same atmosphere as it did during her time here.

“My goal for the deans office was to build great relationships with the students. The office is a place where students should not feel intimidated. It’s a place to go where the students can feel safe and talk,” Kolze said. “I hope the students will continue to grow and flourish. I got to know some incredible students there.”

The new dean is Melissa Pikul. While Kolze had no involvement in the interview process, she has met with Pikul multiple times.

“Mrs. Pikul is a very great lady,” Kolze said, “and I believe she will fit into the positive climate at Lake Zurich.”

The interviews for the position of head coach of the girls’ soccer program have not yet started.

Kolze accepted the position of dean at Glenbrook South High School in Glenview and hopes to be involved in the soccer program there.

“I love being a dean because I get to watch students transform into incredible students,” Kolze said. “I am able to see students grow through all four of their years in high school.”

The students are what she will miss most, Kolze said. Her advice for her students is to be their best.

“My hope for the students is for them to show the new dean a great first impression,” Kolze said, “and to show her what great kids they really are.”

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Dean Meghan Kolze leaves LZHS