Building “Kinections”

A look at one of LZ’s newest clubs


Photo by and used with the permission of Kaitlyn Lee

Members of Kinection practice a routine to a K-pop song. Most of their meetings are centered around dancing.

As of March this year, LZHS is home to the Kinection K-pop club. Started by Kaitlyn Lee, freshman, Kinection is one of the newest clubs at the school, and open to anyone who wants to join.

“I started [Kinection] because I had an interest in K-pop and dancing and I knew of other K-pop clubs in different schools,” Lee said. “Some of my friends also enjoyed [K-pop] so I thought it would be a good idea and really fun.”

Lee said the club meetings are spent learning and performing group dances to popular K-Pop songs, but that is not the only reason members joined the club. Students in the club say that meetings are fun, energetic, and engaging. 

“I joined because I wanted a way to connect with other people who had similar interests as me,” Caiden Schuring, freshman, said. “[Kinection] is filled with a supportive energy, and it just feels like you can be yourself and have fun.”

Kinection’s supportive environment has also offered a welcoming space for other students, such as Priya Ravella, freshman.

“I joined because listening to K-pop is something I really enjoy. I’m not friends with many people that have the same music interests as me so I thought that joining the club would be a good way for me to make more friends and have fun with things I like,” Ravella said.

K-pop was the connecting thread of the many diverse people joining the club. Students joined the group to make new friends and participate in fun activities that complement the energy and personalities in the club, according to Ravella.

“[One time] we learned all these formation changes but then [when] we did the actual dance, we all messed up and broke out in laughter,” Ravella said. “It was hilarious and we had a lot of fun with it.”

Although Kinection is new to LZHS, it has already become a positive in its members lives, as the creative space for students to engage in their interests with peers both alike and different from themselves.

“Honestly it’s just so much fun,” Ravella said. “Dancing with my friends and enjoying the music feels amazing and happy.”