Here comes spring!

LZHS student shares Easter traditions


Photo by and used with the permission of Gabe Pierce

Easter takes place on Sunday after 40 days of Lent. To celebrate, many families get together and participate in traditions.

Easter is here and LZHS student, Katherine Kochanny, freshman, is getting ready with her family for the holiday.

Every year as springtime approaches, Kochanny and her family get ready to celebrate Easter with their “unique traditions”. 

“When I get together with my family on my dad’s side, we do an egg cracking competition where we hard boil eggs and crack them together and someone eventually will be the only egg left,” Kochanny said. “On my mom’s side, we play a game of pickup basketball and then we all watch [the others] play, have a good meal, and play board games together.”

These traditions are all very important according to Kochanny and they all have a special meaning to her because of what they remind her of.

“[Easter] reminds me of the important things in my life like family and friends and just life in general and all the good things that exist in this world. It’s like the end of winter and the beginning of summer and life,” Kochanny said.

However, some of the traditions that Kochanny has for Easter are more common, such as going to church on Sunday morning. 

“I go to church in the morning because it is a day that is worthy of great celebration in the Christian faith. It’s the day of the resurrection of Jesus. It’s a day that means the end to all mourning,” Kochanny said. 

But what’s a holiday without food? After the church services, another tradition in Kochanny’s family is to have a big brunch with all of her extended family.

“It’s a family tradition at this point to eat summer sausage and a casserole that’s like cream cheese and cinnamon,” Kochanny said. “It sounds really weird but it’s really good and all my friends who have tried it always ask for the recipe.”

According to Kochanny, she is very excited for Easter and she intends to continue her family’s traditions as she has every year.

“This year for Easter, I will probably do the same thing that I do every year. I’ll go to church and then go back home to celebrate with my family and eat Easter breakfast,” Kochanny said.