Only moves away

Chess club is squaring up to achieve the goals awaiting them


Photo by Sadie Good

Chess club members play each other in casual games, but they’re looking to expand into broader horizons.

Game, set, match! Chess Club is expanding its horizons and setting new goals for the future, looking to make big changes, both as individuals and as a team.

As a student-run club, the Chess Club meets after school to play individual games with other members. While they’ve competed with other schools before, most of the club’s activities remain within the school walls. However, they’re working on plans to change this, beginning with growing from the inside and eventually, branching out.

Most of the club’s current members joined to “develop their strategic side” and learn skills that could “be applicable to the real world and beneficial to them later in life,” Edward Kek, senior and club president, said. 

“There are many studies that show that chess improves overall strategy and comprehensive, deep thinking, which is important in life, especially in the modern era where we depend so much on technology,” Shaun Stubenvoll, junior and chess club co-president, said. 

Though increased intelligence is certainly one of Chess Club’s goals, it’s not the only ambition they’re working to achieve; they are looking to expand even further and compete against “bigger schools and stronger players,” Kek said.

“Our current goal is to try and compete in statewide tournaments,” Kek said. 

While the club has these targets set, the individual growth is the first to take its course due to the COVID-19 pandemics restrictions on many school activities regarding large groups gathering in one space. As they help each other achieve personal goals involving the game, they keep thoughts of state competition in mind.

It’s more of a hope for the future,”  Kek said.