Getting a head start

Students prepare for their future at Tech Campus


Photo by and used with the permission of Danny Burns

During class cosmetology student, Danny Burns, gets to practice different hairstyles on mannequin heads. Pictured above is one of his hair styles that he has done.

Sophia Babcock, Magazine Editor in Chief

Students can begin studying their field of choice in an off campus program that offers hands-on learning opportunities.

Twenty-two high schools in the Lake County area participate in Tech Campus which is regarded as “one of the best career and technical education training facilities in the Midwest,” according to The facility offers 21 programs ranging from cosmetology to law enforcement that prepare students to have careers.

In Tech Campus students are able to work at their own pace through hands-on and experiential based material within their programs. Along with experience in their respective fields, students receive high school credit, and have the opportunity to earn college credit. 


Law Enforcement and CSI program:

Imagine taking classes where you participate in activities similar to characters in your favorite crime/law shows like Criminal Minds, Law and Order, or Chicago PD.

Anastasia Stanimirova, senior, is part of the Law Enforcement and CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) program at Tech Campus. According to Stanimirova, who wants to go to law school, Tech Campus seemed like a “stepping stone” to get where she wants to be. 

“I feel like I’ve learned a lot more about what I want to do, and through Tech campus I actually get to experience what [different jobs within the field would be like],” Stanimirova said.

In the Law Enforcement and CSI program, students get to practice collecting evidence from crime scenes, police tactical response maneuvers, and being a part of trials. Her favorite part is all the hands-on experiences “like writing tickets, [going] through the steps as a police officer [handling different situations], or what you would do at crime scenes,” Stanimirova said.

“I would [recommend Tech Campus] because it’s a very different opportunity than high school,” Stanimirova said. “I think Tech campus definitely helps you figure out what you’re leaning towards doing in college and what’s right for you.”


Cosmetology program:

If you enjoy doing hair, makeup, or nails, and have thought about going into cosmetology, Tech Campus has a program designed to help students get a head start on earning their cosmetology license.

“Students acquire the 1500 hours of experience required for licensing while learning how to perform shampoos, make-overs, facials, hair-styling, manicuring, sculptured nails, permanent waving, hair coloring, and cutting,” according to “Following the lab phase of the program, students will reinforce their training by working on clients in the Tech Campus Creations Salon.”

Danny Burns, senior, says he has always had a passion for doing hair. Throughout high school he felt as though none of the course he was taking were leading him towards his career goals, according to Burns. “So when I found out about Tech campus, it was a great option,” said Burns.

“I think if you feel stuck, and [Tech Campus has the] certain path that you want to go [into], it’s a great opportunity because it gives you a lot more [experience] and freedom to [explore different options],” Burns said.