Battle of the Streaming Services

Which streaming service do students prefer?


Photo by and used with permission of Charles Deluvio

The home page of a typical Netflix account. “I really like using Netflix to watch my shows because, in my opinion, it’s much easier to use and there’s a lot of variety in the shows and movies they put out,” Rose Alam, senior said.

Ruby Lueras, LZ Life Editor

Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ have paved a new path void of typical cable television. 55 million Americans will cut the “cable cord” by 2022 and that number is only expected to increase in further years, according to With the growing number of options available, it’s important to find the streaming service that suits one best. 

For Rose Alam, senior, that service is Netflix. With a total of 73 million United States subscriptions, Netflix is the most used streaming service across the nation, according to  Netflix has 5,750 titles in its United States library, according to, and Alam says the variety is what makes Netflix the most appealing.

“I really like using Netflix to watch my shows because, in my opinion, it’s much easier to use and there’s a lot of variety in the shows and movies they put out,” Alam said. “You kind of have to hunt a little for the better content, but when you find the perfect time-killer, it’s worth the searching.” 

However, the variety Netflix provides isn’t enough to win everyone over. Zoya Hasan, junior, owns both Netflix and Disney+ and uses both “very often.” But for Hasan, Disney+ comes out on top due to the quality of shows on the platform.

“Shows like Good Luck Charlie and Jessie are the kind of shows I completely forgot about until I saw them while scrolling through Disney+. [The streaming service] has a lot of shows from my childhood that I normally would be unable to watch anywhere else,” Hasan said. “Disney+ also has a lot of Marvel that I love to binge-watch, like Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Both Alam and Hasan have tried multiple streaming services, and although Alam says she prefers Netflix, she is open to trying other streaming services available and recognizes the advantages others provide.

“I’ve tried Prime Videos by Amazon as well as Peacock. I really like Prime Videos in particular because they have a lot of shows that Netflix doesn’t have and good throwbacks,” Alam said. “The only downside is it’s not as convenient as I would like it to be. Netflix is just a lot easier to navigate.”

No matter which streaming service students prefer, the general concept of all of them are the same, according to Hasan. All streaming services provide the ability to “relax or distract” and that’s what makes them valuable, she says.

“They’re all really not that different, that’s why I have and use so many of them. It really just depends on what specific show you want to watch,” Hasan said. “I’m just thankful that some nights I’m able to relax by watching whatever I want on my laptop.”