Pockets full of… nothing?


Photo by Caroline Sun

According to Sarah Frosch, sophomore, pockets on pants for females are often too small. This makes it difficult to carry around everyday necessities, such as phones and keys.

Kayla Krinninger, Staff Writer

There are on almost every pair of jeans, sweatpants, and now some of them are even on leggings: pockets. Almost everyone has them but not everyone is able to use them. 

Many females believe that their pockets aren’t really useful because of the small size. With larger pockets, Sarah Frosch, sophomore, believes that it would be easier to store belongings. 

“I wish I could fit my phone in my pocket without it falling out,” Frosch said. “I think that if the pant pockets were just a little bigger it would be easier since everybody has super big phones that just can’t fit in these small pockets.” 

Female pockets and male pockets are mainly different in one thing: size. Pockets on male pants are typically much deeper and bigger than those on female pockets.

“Male pockets are so much bigger and they actually have pockets to use,” Priya Patel, sophomore, said. “They can use them to put stuff in and don’t have to be scared of misplacing their things which is unfair because female pockets aren’t useful like theirs.”

Although there are many issues that females have about their pant pockets, one of the main concerns is having a place to put your belongings. As people get older, they have car keys, phones, etc and need a place to put them. 

“I don’t want to just carry around my phone or my keys the whole time I’m out somewhere, in the fear of misplacing them.” Patel said.

Despite many females disliking their pant pockets, when she finds a dress that has pockets, the excitement can be overwhelming.

“It’s really really hard to find dresses with pockets. So when you find one, it’s just really exciting. Like, one out of 1000 dresses have pockets,” Frosch said. “So it’s kind of a cool bonus to have, along with getting the dress.