Making a name for herself

Some people wish that they could be noticed more, but what if it was for the wrong reason?


Photo by Photo by Adam Monnette

Karenna (Kah-rehn-ah) shows off her sass about her name. Karenna has always had her name misprounced.

Adam Monnette, Bear Facts Contrbuitor

In a class of 440 seniors, one student wants to stand out from the rest of her peers but wishes her name didn’t make her the center of the spotlight.

“Whenever I have a sub, they always call my name Kareeena. Always,” Karenna (Kah-rehn-ah) Savage, senior, said.

“Ever since 1st grade I have always been aggressive that a person will pronounce my name correctly. If they do not, I will correct them, but unless they are a close friend and being funny, then it becomes aggravating because who likes their name being pronounced wrong? Not me, certainly,” Savage said.

Savage will walk people through how to spell and pronounce her name.

“I will do it three times,”she says, before she will eventually give up and “give the person stank eye until they pronounce it right.”

“During my junior year, [I] had to give a speech in English about ‘give me blank or give me death.’ The speech I chose to write was, ‘Give Me A Way that people can pronounce or Give Me Death.’ I wrote this whole speech about how people always pronounce my name wrong and how it frustrates the living daylights out of me. No one from my English class pronounced my name wrong from that day on, so [I’d] say that it worked,” Savage said.

In her speech, Savage claimed that if someone mispronounces her name for an award, then she does not count it as an achievement because “I didn’t get it, my mispronounced self got it.”

And that makes her worry about graduation.

“I am hoping that the person reading names at graduation knows who I am,” Savage said.” Since then they would know how neurotic I am about [my name],”