Small staff, big aspirations

Yearbook staff aims to make 2019 yearbook inclusive, creative


Photo by Photo used with permission of Alyson Wisnionski

The yearbook staff huddles around a previous yearbook during their late night.

Writing stories, taking pictures, and designing pages are just some of the things the yearbook staff does, but revealing the yearbook at the end of the year has the staff members jumping for joy.

The yearbook club has been preparing for their yearbook distribution since September, Alyson Wisnionski, senior, and yearbook Editor-In-Chief, said. The yearbook staff meets every Wednesday, and has late nights at least once a month to work on the yearbook.

“On late nights we basically just work on the whole entire book and make sure all the pages are done, and make sure all are spreads are finalized and everything’s perfect.” Wisnionski said.

The yearbook requires members of the staff to go out and watch events and communicate with students. Since the yearbook wants to include as many people as possible, it is important for the staff to take lots of pictures and interview a lot of students, Wisnionski said.

“Sometimes I know people think the yearbook is really limiting and that only the most involved students are in the yearbook,” Wisnionski said, “and this year I really tried to include everyone.”

After interviewing people and working late nights on the pages, the staff is excited to share the yearbook, according to Wisnionski.

“I am most excited to share our creativity that we’ve put into each page and it’s cool to inspire people buying our book to become more creative as well” Kelly Sibert, sophomore, said.

This year the club is also using Twitter as a way to be interactive with students and engage more people in the yearbook, according to Sibert. The staff does this by putting polls of different topics on Twitter, allowing people to vote on a topic. After people have voted on a poll it is put onto a page in the yearbook.

“It was fun to see different interactions among the students” Wisnionksi said, “one poll was like, ‘what’s your favorite popular song?’ and we ended up getting around 200+ votes. I also think its a fun way to look back and see the polls, and think like, ‘oh I voted that on twitter’ or ‘this is what the student body thinks”.

The yearbook is passed out with a supplement, which is shorter book with a collection of spring sports and events. The supplements is given out with the main yearbook which has all the students, clubs, and fall sports. Both books are passed out during distribution.

“Seeing all the hard work become physically tangible when passing out the yearbook is the best,” Wisnionski said, “I love going to classes and see people flipping through the yearbook”