Courtyard confusion: the truth behind the myths

Why is the courtyard off limits for students?


An empty courtyard sits unused by students during a lunch period. Currently, the courtyard stays this way all year long: vacant. However, administrators are working out a plan to possibly re-open the space in the spring.

Some say it was ducks. Or a senior prank. Many myths about the courtyard have been thrown around, according to Kaia Rytel, sophomore. The mystery leaves her wondering: why can’t students actually use it?

“Ever since I first got to the high school I always wondered why we couldn’t access the courtyard,” Rytel said. “It’s such a beautiful place and it’s kind of odd that we can’t use during our lunch or opens.”

Bo Vossel, principal, has an answer that many students like Rytel have been waiting for.

“My understanding is, historically, it has been open to students, and a lot of things happened when that occurred,” Vossel said. “There’s obviously a lot of classrooms around and everything from being loud to people banging on windows [has been an issue]. There’s been garbage thrown around, people eat lunches and they wouldn’t pick up their trash. Ever since then it’s remained closed.”

For the people who have misconceptions about the courtyard, Vossel says the main reason is they need to discuss procedures and new rules to reopen it.

“We’re hopefully looking to reopen it during the spring, we’re talking about what should that look like and what should that procedure be like,” Vossel said.

Students like Rytel say they are excited for the reopening of the courtyard.

“I think it’s cool that we could be able to use the courtyard eventually, because it just gives me good vibes,” Rytel said. “Being outside just gives you a different feeling than going to Studio C or the library.”