Travel diaries: These students have grand plans for the summer that include taking on the world

Sreelikhi Vangavolu, Staff Writer

Whether it’s hiking in Washington, walking around the streets of London, or sitting under a Bonsai tree, these students aren’t dedicating their summer of 2018 solely to studying, but also to traveling the world.   


 “The best part about being able to travel and visit new places is not only to relax but also to learn things first hand,” Kaia Rytel, sophomore, said. “I learned a lot in my vacation when I went on a hike through Mount Rainier National Park [in Washington]. While I was there, a park ranger told me about the changes in weather the park has been experiencing through the years, and being an active volcano, Mount Rainier is constantly undergoing physical changes and I wouldn’t have been able to understand these changes or actually see why these changes occur if I wasn’t able to see the park and experience it myself. Overall it was such a memorable moment for me and it really made me think about our planet.”


 In addition to learning more about life in general, students learned a lot about their own roots this summer. They took some time to go back to what they believe was important to them, according to Katie Choi, freshman.

“Going back to South Korea really reopened my eyes to my culture. Seeing where my grandparents grew up, and knowing that my ancestors came from Korea really made me feel a connection when I went there.”  Choi said. “It was a unique experience for me because now that I’m older I’m more aware of the importance of knowing my roots and not forgetting my culture. I definitely think it’s important to put down your school work and take some time to explore the world around you, because there’s a lot of it you haven’t experienced it yet.”


Besides the learning experiences, sometimes vacation is just a way to relax, enjoy the new places around you, and just snap some pictures according to Nathalie Nadda, junior.

“London was super cool because everywhere we went there were cool colorful buildings and neat marketplaces and stuff like that that gave me all around good vibes. Also, we went on the most perfect weekend for weather where it was sunny every day, which is so rare for London, so that helped my experience be more positive as well,” Nadda said. “As for Barcelona, we stayed a bit outside of the downtown, but there were young people everywhere and it was very big on nightlife. We also visited little towns like Girona, which have really cute cafes, churches, and alleyways that are perfect for pictures. The architecture and style is also so Mediterranean here and it all has a really cool vibe to it as well.”