Robotics leader graduates, but establishes reforms for the club


Photo by Photo used with permission of John Keyzer

The Robotics team builds a robot every year. The team has accomplished many goals they created this year.

Robotics requires a lot of time to be put in, especially during the height of its season where students put in 40-50 hours. But for Alexis Renderos, senior and lead programmer, his dedication towards Robotics leads to a promising future for both himself and the club members.

Like many others who are involved in this club, Renderos and other members are very engaged in this club. Planning a future with robots, he describes how Robotics is a huge part of his life.

“I treat it like a lifestyle. When people come up to me and ask me what’s my big thing that I do, I don’t mention my job, I mention Robotics because that’s something I’m really passionate about,” Renderos said. “People even call me ‘Mr. Robot’ because they think that I’m really involved in it, and they’re right. It’s a very defining part of my life. It makes me who I am.”

Members and leaders put in effort in designing their robot for the four competitions they participate in. Renderos recalled his defining moments this year, creating an autonomous robot.

“I was the one writing all the codes and what-not, and one of the main functions of our robot it has to act autonomously, meaning that we can’t give any drive input,” Renderos said. “I’m basically doing the stuff that Tesla does with their autonomous cars. Not on the same level by all means, but it’s really, really difficult stuff. You get really really, excited because you put effort into it.”

Renderos also built a close relationship with his team members and the entire club. Learning all 64 names in the club, Renderos found it very important to get to know his team well and develop a strong relationship.

“It does take a lot of your time, so you’re spending a lot of time with same people you work with and you develop a strong relationship and bond. Not only with the students but with the mentors, too,” Renderos said.

Robotics accomplished many feats this year, including the construction of a simple robot that followed all the requirements. John Keyzer, Robotics lead mentor and science technology teacher, was proud of the amount of effort and work students put forth.

“The kids worked really well together. We tried to get back to a simple design this year, which worked out really well,” Keyzer said, “Even if we did have problems, the kids worked really hard. They put in a lot of hours, which they usually do. Simplicity and efficiency, that’s our motto.”