Baseball and softball organization’s positive impact on students: LZBSA shines light on inspired athletes


Photo by Photo used with permission of Kennedy Williams

Kennedy Williams, freshman varsity softball player believes that the LZBSA has strongly impacted her when it comes to softball, and she implements what she learned from the LZBSA into school games, and even in her life.

Sreelikhi Vangavolu , Bear Facts Contributor

The community baseball and softball association in Lake Zurich has one goal: “Provide a safe and enjoyable recreation and travel program that teaches a love for the game of baseball/softball.”

Kennedy Williams, freshman Varsity softball player, believes the Lake Zurich Baseball and Softball Association (LZBSA), which offers programs dedicated to fast pitch softball and baseball, made a successful effort in accomplishing their goals. According to Williams, LZBSA has shaped her into the person she is today, whether it be through the life lessons or through softball overall.

“[LZBSA] has taught me almost everything I really know about softball, like the competitiveness, the friendships that I’ve made, and just [learning] how to play this sport,” Williams said. “It also just taught me the true meaning of the sport in general, and helped me grow a huge love for it.”

Additionally, Williams says that LZBSA has helped shine some light on her future hopes for softball and gives her a new perspective towards the sport.

“I have thought about playing in college, but it depends on the major you’re thinking about. It honestly is all based on your academics; a lot of kids, including myself, think about playing in college, and I probably will shoot for playing at a lower level college, like a D2. I think LZBSA helped me think about that more and how it helped me learn about about the sport and how I want to continue it in my adult life,” Williams said.

Like Williams, Lilliana Perez, freshman, and former softball player for LZBSA had positive experiences which has helped shape who she is today.

“[LZBSA] helped me meet some of my closest friends and my team was the beginnings of a second family,” Perez said. “The lasting impact of LZBSA has also had a lasting impact on my performance. The coaching has also improved my skills tremendously.”

Unlike Williams, however, Perez doesn’t plan on playing softball at a higher level, but believes LZBSA has taught her skills that can help her in her daily life.

“I’m not going to play softball in college, but [LZBSA] as taught me skills like communication and how to work well with others,” Perez said. “Softball is a team sport and LZBSA embraces the fact that everyone has their own strengths. When everyone is put together with their individual strengths, a great, well-functioning team is created.”

LZBSA is a great organization that serves as great program for beginners who want to learn the basics of softball and baseball, according to Williams.

“I personally love the program, I think it’s a good starter program for kids who are learning to play the sport and then go to play travel. If they’re thinking about playing higher level or in college I would transfer for a higher level travel league, but I think it’s a great program we have in our county.” Williams said. “My little brother actually plays for the baseball side of LZBSA and he loves it so I think they’re doing a great job and all that matters is when kids are younger is if the kids learn to play the sport and learn to love it.”