Snow better way to spend your time than Ski Club

Claire Li, Bear Facts Contributor

There’s only one club in the school that comes close to flying in the wintertime.

The Ski and Snowboarding Club goes on trips twice a month and consists of over forty students of all grade and ability levels. For them, the winter ski-son is filled with snow many days spent skiing down slopes.

“There’s students who really enjoy skiing and it provides an extra opportunity with them to get together with different people… so it’s a social gathering club,” Craig Lehigh, co-sponsor of ski club, said. “They have fun regardless of grade and ability levels.”

Cori Robinson, sophomore ski club member, is one of those students who finds joy in flying down the slopes to help her relieve stress from school and get together with friends.

“Skiing is an outlet where I can find a peace of mind and escape the stress of homework and tests,” Robinson said. “Putting on my holographic ski goggles and the feel of strong gusts of wind in my hair as I practically fly down a treacherous blue square slopes is the rush of adrenaline that gives me a sense of freedom.”

Whereas Robinson enjoys the flying sensation, Morgan Marguerite, sophomore, has grown up loving skiing but lost the time to enjoy this passion in high school.

“I decided to join ski club because I’ve been skiing since I was six years old. I don’t get to go very often anymore and when this opportunity came I couldn’t let it go. So I talked to another friend of mine, and he and I decided to join because we love it,” Marguerite said. “The overall atmosphere is great and the people are great. It’s the perfect way to do something you love while being involved at school.”

According to Marguerite, she tends to shy away from sports that has never tried before. However, she feels that she benefits from joining the club.

“I believe that ski club has made me better because I stepped out of my comfort zone. I gave it another try and it turned out to be awesome,” Marguerite said. “I think if more people tried new things like ski club they could see what they are really interested in.”

According to Lehigh, the Ski Club typically heads to Devil’s head Resort, Wilmot Mountain, and Alpine Valley Resort. Trips are a full day and “students are free to roam”, says Lehigh. The next trip is February 9th to Alpine Valley Resort.

“It’s an awesome way to get involved with the school,” said Marguerite. “Even if they haven’t had much experience with skiing, it’s a great way to see if you have a passion for it.”