Prom travels back in time to the twenties


Junior Class Board has been planning Prom for months, according to Will Snyder, Junior Class Board President.

Jim Weimer, staff writer

Planning an enormous party can be very difficult, especially when there are about 500 attendees, but for junior class board, this happens every year.

This year’s Prom is taking a decades-long leap back into the twenties, delivering the ecstatic excitement of the Roaring Twenties to the yearly dance. According to Will Snyder, junior class board president, the best part of will be seeing the final product.

“It’s cool to see behind the scenes how it all comes together,” Snyder said. “Going to Prom, people that don’t plan it don’t understand all of the work that goes into it. Seeing the final product out of the months of work we’ve been doing since December or November, is really cool.”

The several months-long project began at a junior class board meeting, where members came up with a list of themes and sent out a survey for LZHS students to vote on. After the Roaring Twenties won out over themes like Midnight in Paris and Disney Characters, the members went in full force planning everything from the color palette to the events.

“Basically the color pattern for [prom] is white, black, and gold. That was the palette we started out with [because] with twenties you kind of think of glamour.”

Junior class board has three committees dedicated to certain aspects of prom: one plans decorations and the prom court, one sells all the tickets, and one handles prom favors and the DJ, according to Snyder. Traditions also play a big role in school events, and Snyder says his favorite is the creative prom proposals.

“I think it’s kind of cool to see what different people will do,” Snyder said. “Personally, I asked my girlfriend out by having her run a pass to me, since she’s a dean runner, and in that class I asked her out.”