School club trying to reduce carbon footprint

Students are turning the school green by implementing new ideas this year to raise awareness for environmental issues.

REACT (Recycling and Environmental Awareness) club is trying to raise awareness for recycling and educate people on how to have a positive impact on the environment and the school.

“A lot of people don’t even know that recycling is happening in our school: they do not know what they can recycle, and don’t understand what containers are used for recycling,” Julie Gyarmaty, science teacher and REACT club supervisor, said.

REACT club hopes that their new programs will help students recycle in the cafeteria and classrooms, as well as starting a new initiative where teachers can recycle old tests or important documents securely, according to Gyarmaty

“We are trying to fix [how people just throw away their garbage without recycling],” Cassie Kunschke, junior secretary of REACT club said. “We are going to put specifically what you can put in the recycling so people can be more proactive about throwing the right stuff in the right bins.”

All the students involved are trying to increase positivity in their school environment as well as the outdoor environment by trying to raise awareness for Earth Day, April 22, by selling shirts in the cafeteria that day, according to Kunschke.

“I think this will have a very positive effect on the school and [REACT club is] hoping that it will bring more of a focus on recycling, and in the future on other environmental issues that we can do more education on in this school.” Gyarmaty said.