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Students roll with new sushi options in cafeteria

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Sushi chefs were in the high school cafeteria on February 25 to bring the sushi bar experience to students who wanted new options at lunch.

The students were able to mix and match from eleven different types of sushi. The types of sushi were made with either traditional sushi rice or healthy brown rice and varied from exotic fish, traditional seafood, and vegan or vegetarian options, according to Kathy Taylor, general manager for District 95’s Sodexo food service.

A common food students wanted to have in the future was sushi, according to a survey that was taken during lunch periods about two months ago, Taylor said. The company that was hired to come in is one of Sodexo’s approved vendors and can provide different lunch options at schools.

“It’s the first time we have done this. But if it’s this popular and goes as well, maybe we can consider doing this once a month or every other month,” Taylor said. “I think it’s awesome because rather than just putting sushi in a container, the students get to see the actual chefs prepare and serve the food here.”

The chefs arrived early in the morning, and Taylor said she observed them cutting, chopping, and preparing the sushi.

“The sushi looked awesome. Also I think the price of seven dollars and fifty cents is awesome. If you buy sushi at a restaurant you will know that this is a great deal,” Taylor said.

Merick Howarth, freshman, said the sushi was delicious and hopes the chefs will come to the school again.

“I was excited we had a new option for lunch in our cafeteria,” Howarth said. “I love sushi, and I thought the sushi was great and definitely worth the price. I hope our school will have more interesting options, like sushi, in the future.”

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Lake Zurich High School Student Media
Students roll with new sushi options in cafeteria