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Identity Thief humorous for mature viewers only

lexi fye, bear facts viewpoint writer

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Comedy legends, Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, come together in Identity Thief to create a hysterical comedy about a working man who ends up chasing a runaway criminal.
           Identity Thief is about a man, Sandy Patterson (Bateman), who refrains from breaking the rules, but Sandy’s life hits a wall when he discovers his identity has been stolen by a con artist named Diana (McCarthy) who lives about 2,000 miles away, threatening his new job.

The rest of the movie involves their adventure home from Florida in attempt to save Sandy’s job and bring justice to Diana.  On their ride home, Sandy and Diana do not only have constant friction between each other, but they also build a loving relationship as they share their backgrounds.

Director Seth Gordon released his latest movie two weeks ago, but although the movie leaves the audience laughing, they also leave with an idea of love and family.  From the previews, viewers are unable to see the real, heart-tugging plot behind all the comedy.   Although it is rated R, when accompanied by adults, mature viewers are able to handle it in an appropriate manner.

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Identity Thief humorous for mature viewers only