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Coy releases new EP

sara pardej, bear facts entertainment editor

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Chase Coy, a small-town Indiana musician, released another mellow EP filled with passion and smooth guitar. Awake is perfect for relaxing and calming down from a stressful day.

The EP features five new songs, each different from the next. The songs have a different sound than his last album, Indiana Sun, released in 2011. It seems as though Coy has returned to his old sound which gained him popularity,with songs like his relatively well-known, “If the Moon Fell Down Tonight.”

Coy’s voice is smooth and steady, which flows well with his rhythmic guitar playing. In “New Love,” he sings a duet with Liz Akhavan. Her voice is sweet, and the two sound like convincing lovers. The lyrics are romantic. They are about two people looking forward to their new, blossoming relationship, something most teenagers experience.`

“Forever and Always” is the sweetest of them all. It isn’t a typical boy serenading a girl, it is more poetic. Coy has a knack for making the cheesiest lyrics like “when you’re around, girl, I struggle just to breathe,” sound original and caring.

Chase Coy’s music is mostly acoustic. His sound is similar to bands are artists like He is We, Lumineers, or Christina Perri. Although he is still making music, Coy is currently not on tour because he is focusing on his schoolwork and potentially wants to become a producer.

Chase Coy deserves more recognition. His songs are original and honest; a nice break from the flamboyant and obnoxious beats of the mainstream.

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Coy releases new EP