Sports highlights: April

The girls’ soccer team this year is Kicking and Screaming, according to Madeline Blasko, junior on the varsity soccer team, not because they are angry or violent but because their team is so diverse and talented.

“Just like the team in the movie Kicking and Screaming, all of us are diverse and we all bring something different to the table that sets us apart,” Blasko said. “Despite our differences, we all have that common and underlying love for the sport. I really like our team because I wouldn’t have met these people if I didn’t play with them. We all come from different friend groups and backgrounds, but we really connect on the field.”

With the close connections between the teammates and coaches, Blasko said the team has several goals to achieve on and off the field.

“Our goals this year include coming together as a team and creating a bond while we are playing during a game, practice or just hanging out as a team,” Maggie Tuckey, senior varsity soccer player, said. “If we work together off the field, we will improve on the field and play at our best this season.”

Although the team has challenging goals, they take advantage of every opportunity they get to work their way towards success.

“We are out there working hard every day at practice,” Blasko said. “We always have a ton of pasta parties every year. We also have a big team bonding event, like last year the whole team went paintballing. We take every chance we get to grow closer and build our team’s bonds because it definitely shows on and off the field.”

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