March Highlights: girls’ soccer

The girls’ soccer team is trying to stay focused on team goals, even though certain habits or rituals other players do can drive even the most focused person crazy.
With the season kicking off against New Trier tonight, the team is focusing on starting the season on the right foot, said Blair Coughenour, senior defender, but the cold temperatures of the early season caused some of the player’s pet peeves to flare up.
“The girls who pull their shorts way too high really bother me, and when people wear leggings under their shorts is something [the team] normally laughs about when we see it,” Nicole Rasiarmos, senior forward, said.
While some irritations come from how other players dress, other aggravations stem from more than just the uniform.
“My biggest pet peeves are when girls do a really bad job at faking injuries, and wear the captain’s badge strapped on their arm to let everyone know they’re the captain,” Coughenour said.
Though other players habits can be distracting, the team does their best to move past those distractions and continue on towards their goals, according to Coughenour.girls soccer_edited