September highlights


The boys’ varsity soccer team has recently started up their new soccer season with new changes.


This summer, the team would get together on their own time to prepare for the season.


“I think this year our team is a lot closer than last year,” Jack Abry, senior varsity soccer player and captain, said. “We have a lot more leadership on our team. A lot more people are stepping up a lot more and staying active.”


When it comes to leadership, one of the new changes made to the team is having two captains as oppose to one. Abry is one of the two team captains elected on this year’s team.


“It feels good to be elected by my teammates as one of the captains and to be able to help lead the team,” Abry said. “Being a captain comes with a lot of responsibility and a lot of leadership. We have to make big decisions on and off the field.”


During the off season, the boys’ soccer team got together for school soccer summer camp practices for four weeks to prepare for the new school season.


“During the summer we had a lot more practices together as a team without the coaches,” Abry said. “Last year we did not have as many and I think more of the kids worked really hard on the off-season so we can help get what we want during the season and put a lot of work and effort in.”