How three friends can win Battle of the Bands


Last year, Beyond Gravity performed at Battle of the Bands and won second place for the second time in a row. Kiel Brady, bass player and member of both Beyond Gravity and Jimmy Carter Rabbit Incident, hopes to take first place this year.

Jim Weimer, staff writer

Whether you are a great musician with an amazing band, or just a couple of friends who want to play, students can enjoy music tonight at this year’s Battle of the Bands.

Battle of the Bands, a competition where new and old bands play for title of “best band.” The winners get to open up for the talent show. 

 Keil Brady, senior, has been playing with (Cooking with) Beyond Gravity since freshman year, and has just recently made a new band, the Jimmy Carter Rabbit Incident.

“We’re all in different bands,” said Anthony Powles, junior, who is the drummer in Jimmy Carter Rabbit Incident. “We are all friends and good musicians together, so we thought why not get together and play Battle of the Bands.”

The Jimmy Carter Rabbit Incident has only been around for about a month, according to Powles, but Beyond Gravity has been together since Brady’s freshman year. According to Brady, since their lead singer left for college, they replaced him with Riley Cook and renamed the band to Cooking with Beyond Gravity.

“Back in freshman year we we’re super stoked to play,” Brady said. “We just wanted to play for fun, but we beat one of the most popular bands and have gotten second place every single year.”

Brady, who plays the bass guitar, does not like the way bass guitar is usually played. According to Brady, he likes to expand from the regular bass guitar and play more like a regular guitar, acting more as a lead instrument using higher notes.

“People usually think [bassists] just play low notes and no one knows who they are,” Brady said, “but I like to be the guy in the back that can do a lot more.”

Brady hopes that more people will attend Battle of the Bands this year to create an even livelier community. The band loves to see people enjoying their music, and according to Brady, they feed off of the crowd’s energy.

“I think it’s really fun for people to come watch us and support us,” Brady said. “Playing music is our passion, and playing it for people that would actually like to see us is great.”