New safe haven for songwriters


A sophomore founded the songwriters circle last April to unite creative minds from all over the school.


“The goal is to put a ton of really creative people in the same spot just to see how they can bounce ideas off of each other and critique each other,” Melanie McGrath, junior and founder, said. “I think when you put a ton of really creative people, especially creative writers, in one spot, a lot could happen.”


McGrath runs the songwriter circle every Friday. The meetings take place in the MIDI lab, a room with computers for musicians to use, across from the music halls. The meetings alternate between before and after school. These meetings allow all types of artists to create and acquire musical assistance for anything they might be struggling on, McGrath said.


“[My favorite part is] that everyone is so accepting no matter what type of music you play or what it’s about,” Grace Bejnarowicz, sophomore, said.


Anyone can join and bring whatever they want, musically, to the circle. McGrath is hoping to bring more outside talent and diversify their members.


“I wanted a type of place where a lot of songwriters can come and share their music and collaborate with one another,” McGrath said.


They are keyboards around the meeting room and guitars available for the musicians, according to Bejnarowicz. This allows the writers easy access to fully explore their creativity.



“[This club] helps express yourself to other people. At the end of the unit, we’re going to have a show case, so that is going to bring other artists outside of our school,” Bejnarowicz said. “We’re hoping to bring more people in and it’s good to get advice from other people and to have outside opinions to your song