Students, staff to practice emergency drills Friday


Photo by Meggie Furlong

Lake Zurich students wait outside for the 'all clear' to go back into the building. On Friday, the school will be practicing all three drills.

Janie Huels, staff writer

When alarms sound Friday morning after first period, administration hopes students will feel a sense of relief rather than of panic.


“We practice drills so that people are aware and know what they’re supposed to do in the event of an emergency,” said Ryan Rubenstein, assistant principal in charge of facilities and student activities.


The drills planned for September 4 are being practiced during first period so people know where to go and what to do if there is an emergency, Rubenstein said. The fact the planned drills are happening a few days after nearby schools had day-long lockdowns is pure coincidence.


Rubenstein said administration is aware that some people may worry about the drills but they will not be altered, unless necessary. Rubenstein and other faculty members are closely monitoring the events in Fox Lake and are frequently talking to the Lake Zurich Police Department to keep everyone safe until the perpetrator of these events has been caught.